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Transcending Martial Arts was founded by Grandmaster Sung Kim in 1994. The studio was built on the principles of honesty, modesty, spirit, and respect. All students who enter the dojang must adhere to the TMA Code of Conduct. Our purpose is to train students to become more confident and disciplined individuals, to teach them respect for their community, family, and self, and to discover martial arts as a way of life.
We are proud to be the first Korean Martial Arts studio to teach traditional Taekwondo and Kumdo in Port Moody, with a record of accoladed instructors and students. Today, we are honoured to serve the tri-cities area with students of all ages from Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and beyond. We believe in positive reinforcement, diversity, and above all else, integrity.


Strong Kids

We train youth to become confident and disciplined individuals. In addition to channeling physical growth, our programs are designed to help children strengthen their emotional, intellectual, and social development skills.

Families First

We offer Adult and Family Classes for parents. Our dojang is also a safe gathering place that welcomes spectators and visitors to every class, where students can meet and make friends for life.


We regularly host community events for our students, friends, and families. As long-term residents of Port Moody, we take pride in offering an engaged community space and weekend events.


Master Jae Kim

Master Jae is Chief Instructor at Transcending Martial Arts. He is a 7th Dan Black Belt with over 38 years experience in Taekwondo, Kumdo, Iaido, Hapkido, Kickboxing, and Okinawa style weaponry.

Grandmaster Sung B. Kim

Grandmaster Sung Kim is the founder of Transcending Martial Arts. He has been practicing martial arts for over 57 years, specializing in the art of sword, bamboo sword fighting, edged weaponry, and contact self-defence.

Allan Soper
Head Instructor

Dylan Staples

Paul Bologea

Braeden Mayer

Brenton Lugrin

Alex Chapman
Asst. Instructor

Andy Bui
Asst. Instructor

Beno Huang
Asst. Instructor

Brendan Saw
Asst. Instructor

Dale Pratt
Asst. Instructor

Derrick Lee
Asst. Instructor

Erin Ilett
Asst. Instructor

Ethan Saw
Asst. Instructor

Juan Guevara
Asst. Instructor

Sue Lee
Asst. Instructor

Sunny Nie
Asst. Instructor

Tyler Kasper
Asst. Instructor

“What started as sports for our children has become a serious martial arts training and a way of life. We are grateful to Master Jae, Grand Master Kim and the school.”

Jason & Karen Chong